Ever do a routine driver install and reboot to have the computer come back with a ‘Missing Operating System’ FAIL after POST?  Ever remember then that there’s a thumbdrive in the port with USB drives queued to boot first in BIOS?

Yeah, me neither

…having your own miniature drunken ninja with the munchies and no self-preservation instinct.


They can see better in the dark

They appear in unexpected places regularly, defying normal physics laws

They are constantly testing objects for edibility

They can’t quite stand on their own or pass a field sobriety test

They are thoroughly ESL, preferring wails and screeches

Fortunately mine hasn’t quite mastered the use of tools but I expect incoming ninja stars soon enough!

Yeah, so I let my old site turn into yet another disused blog.  It’s time to fix that and maybe just maybe keep this one up to date.  We’ll see how it goes this time  ;)